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Molly McCluskey

Independent Multimedia Journalist

Journalist for @TheAtlantic, @AJEnglish, @WashingtonPost, @USNews etc. Occasional podcaster. Former EU and D.C. correspondent.

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Travel Trends: The New Joys and Pitfalls of Traveling in 2013 ...

The travel industry is trying win back the hearts of America's traveling public -- but that doesn't mean there's no turbulence ahead. Whether you're planning a weekend jaunt or a trip around the world, here are the travel trends you can expect in 2013.


Beware! It's Open Season for Identity Thieves - DailyFinance

Whether a customer's shopping preferences run more toward Black Friday or Cyber Monday, one thing is for sure: the holidays are open season for identity

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Don't Let Sneaky Expenses Derail Your Vacation Budget ...

If you're taking a trip this summer, you're probably keeping a sharp eye on big expenses like airfares. But don't let a bunch of smaller ones derail your travel budget.


Do You Have More Debt Than the Average American? - DailyFinance

A new study shows that individual debt is falling at the fastest rate in nearly 50 years. But not everyone is contributing positively to that statistic, and many Americans are still struggling with overwhelming debt.


Financial Advice for the Sandwich Generation

Between "boomerang" children moving home on the one hand and financially dependent parents on the other, the Sandwich Generation could use a break -- and some sound advice.


Identity Theft's Taxing New Trend: Scammers Are After Your Tax ...

Beware the hottest trend in identity theft: tax identity theft. This year, the IRS expects upwards of 1 million fraudulent tax returns will be filed by scammers stealing refunds. And while the IRS can't protect you, you can protect yourself.


LIBOR Ruling Good for Investors, Bad for Customers - DailyFinance

For those Fools who hoped the LIBOR manipulation scandal might finally confront the sins of big banking, a judgment Friday brought a swift


MF Global: The Hero, the Villain, and the Anticlimax - DailyFinance

MF Global's collapse late last October had all the makings of a classic Hollywood film. First was the magnitude: It was the eighth-largest


Never Pay for These 6 Things Again - DailyFinance

Some of life's little luxuries haven't gotten any more necessary -- but they have become cheaper. From learning a new language to finding a great read, these six things no longer require a line item in your personal budget. Go ahead, indulge for less.


Tipping Tips for Travelers - DailyFinance

Cash may be king, but figuring out how much of it to tip can leave travelers feeling like paupers. We asked experts and seasoned travelers for their best advice on tipping.


Travel Tips: How to Make the Most of Your Leftover Foreign Currency

When you come back from a trip with some foreign coins jangling in your pocket, they tend get discarded and forgotten. But rather than waste your hard-earned euros and yen, try these techniques to get some value out of them on your home soil.


What the LIBOR Scandal Means for Investors - DailyFinance

UBS is the latest bank to face consequences of this summer's LIBOR scandal, in which 16 banks were allegedly involved in manipulating the

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The Financial Time Machine: Money Lessons to My Younger Self ...

We all wish we could go back in time and tell ourselves to save more and spend less. Here's the financial advice older professionals would give their younger selves.

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Sharing Is Declaring: How the Peer-to-Peer Economy Affects Your Taxes

Don't forget about services like Zipcar, Lyft and Airbnb when you file your taxes this year....

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Tips for Keeping Online Tax Returns Safe From Thieves

How to stay safe when you file your return, and what to do if you've been compromised....