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Molly McCluskey

Independent Multimedia Journalist

Independent journalist for @AJEnglish, @USNews, @BeaconReader, @MiddleEastEye & others. Board, @PressClubDC.

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Dscn3949 article

Iran nuclear deal challenged in the US, promoted abroad

Republican congressmen have introduced efforts to limit the scope of the Iran nuclear deal

US Senate passes bill against alleged Saudi sponsors of terrorism

The White House has promised to veto the bill, claiming it would put Americans at risk

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Women still overlooked in vital peacekeeping process, study finds

Overlooking women as vital participants in peacekeeping process can have grave consequences in MENA region

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Tomb Sweeping in California To Honor A Chinese Tradition

There’s something inherently universal about traditions in death. We pass them down, generation after generation. Attending a Ching Ming ceremony in California reminds the author of her own Irish roots.

Newseum %281%29 article

Attacks on the Press: Women on the Frontlines - YouTube

A panel discussion at the Newseum on the dangers facing female journalists.

As America’s National Parks Turn 100, Social Media Helps Visitors Unplug

When many people think of America’s national parks, they think of the battlefields and monuments of the east, or the majestic landscapes of the west. But walk through Dupont Circle in downtown D.C. and you’re strolling on national park land. And with more than 400 units of the National Park Service, the government agency is taking to social media to connect with, entice and educate visitors on its vast natural, historical and cultural resources.

Douglas jehl  article

Rezaian’s release greeted with celebration among Washington press

Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and his wife fellow journalist Yeganeh Salehi were released on Sunday and en route to the US

Img 5715 article

The Mighty Challenges Of Tiny Houses

For all the growing awareness of the possibilities and benefits of small house living, and people interested in creating and living in a tiny home of their own, surprisingly little progress has been made in ushering tiny house living into the mainstream American housing market.

Img 2918 article

Two New Apps Offer Tools For Journalists in Conflict Areas

Several years ago, on a month-long journey through Indonesia, I got into what I thought was a taxi. After three hours driving in the wrong direction, with a driver who answered my questions simply with a yes or a no, I had the very real, very frightening thought: No one knows where I am.

Amb ryan crocker article

Middle East-related visa waiver restrictions in US bill hurt travel, access and relations | Middle East Eye

The bill restricts access to the visa waiver for anyone who has traveled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, and other 'countries of concern' since March 2011

Dscn3844 article

In the restoration of Moroccan Jewish cemeteries, interfaith calls for ...

Event marking restoration of 167 Jewish graveyards in Morocco also marks need for respect, tolerance, and appreciation of all religions

LinkedIn Disengages From Diplomats in Digital Sphere

Despite reportedly having over 350 million users, the platform has become known as the place where people you don’t know endorse you for skills you don’t have.

A7.digidiplomacy.ddc.story article

Digital Diplomacy Coalition Comes of Age, Goes Global

A few short years after the Digital Diplomacy Coalition (DDC) was formed in Washington as a local, informal group for diplomats to share best practices in social media, it has become a global player in the digital diplomacy field. article

With New Ambassador at Helm, Swiss Embassy Ups Its Digital Game

Each new ambassador brings his or her own experience, style and message, which carry across both public and private channels, and the transition allows an embassy to change direction or up its game

A9bb5bb998564c7c96e0ed7f9ec90d54 18 article

Northern Ireland: Old conflict, new tools - Al Jazeera English

Northern Ireland: Old conflict, new tools - Al Jaze...